Meditating in a tent

Going away on vacation, changing one’s daily routines quite radically, can make a project like mine a bit challenging, and I was not quite sure I would be able to keep up with my newly re-started daily meditation sessions, but I actually did! For three days now I’ve been out camping with my family, sister, nieces and some friends of ours. The first night I was very close to forgetting about the whole thing. I had just turned out my headlamp after reading for a little while, and I was really tired, when realizing that I had forgotten all about my meditation. My first thought was: “Skip it!”, but then a little voice in my head says: “No, no, you go ahead!” – and I did.

Moonlight by “our” beach

My family fast asleep, a strong wind making the trees rustle and the waves crash on the shore, I realized I had an unusual but lovely environment for my meditation, and instead of focusing on my breath this time, I just listened to the sounds of the wind and the waves. The following two nights, the sea was much calmer, but there were still waves forming a beautiful background, and now I had no problem whatsoever remembering what to do.

I also had a great reminder from my best friend – who started meditating a few months ago – about something which became very important to me three years ago. We have both learned to accept that we are not the kind of people who easily leave all our thoughts behind and just fill our minds with emptiness. When accepting this, not feeling guilty or disappointed about not doing it “the right way”, we have both started to enjoy meditation a lot. I wish more people would be a little less anxious about how to meditate and just go with the flow. It’s so much more enjoyable then.

Now time for today’s session! Good night!


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