Halfway through

Half of my Health & Energy month has passed, and I must say things are going quite well. I finished the last of my summer courses this morning, which means I’m free for three weeks before my next course starts. Although I have a long list of other things to do I will definitely use this time to relax and focus on my project. So, what about my habits? The first week I didn’t run at all, but last week I did it three times. I decided not to care about the distance or time, to let go of my performance anxiety and run because I know it makes me feel better. I still track my time, though, but only because it feels so good write it down in my project notebook afterwards.

I’ve done my back exercises almost every single day, and when I went to my chiropractor two days ago, he was surprised by how much my problems had improved. He cut down my daily exercises from ten to three, and I won’t need many more treatments now. It’s so wonderful to see that my work is really paying off!

When it comes to eating I’m using an iphone app to keep some kind of track of my calorie intake. I haven’t been able to eat as much as it tells me to, and it still feels like I’m eating all the time. But you know what? Every time I’ve started exercising during the last few years, I have lost weight. But last week I ran three times and by the end of the week I had actually managed to gain a little weight!

The other habits are going up and down. I haven’t been very good at meditating, but yesterday when I felt irritated I decided to stop sulking and meditate instead and I felt so much calmer afterwards. I will really make an effort to meditate every day from now on. Overall, though, I already feel more energetic. I haven’t been as tired as I usually am (I’ve noticed because over the last weeks I’ve been able to watch a whole season of X-files almost without falling asleep, and I always fall asleep while watching films or TV). Most importantly, I have been able to deal with pre-exam stress as well as a topsy-turvy relationship without panicking or giving up, and for me, that means a lot.


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