Jeans in, scales out

I’ve been on the Weightwatchers’ diet twice before in my life – with very good results. The problem is that I tend to slip back – slowly but steadily – into bad eating habits: too much food, too much sugar and so on. Perhaps the problem is that I put such a lot of effort into all the counting and weighing when I’m on the diet, and once I don’t need to count and weigh any longer, I just relax and lose control again.

What if I skip all the counting and weighing and just focus on that pair of black jeans that I would really really love to wear again. Try to eat less and do more physical exercise, and make it a lifestyle that I can go on keeping once I’ve reached my goal. If the goal is not a figure any longer, just that pair of jeans… Will it work?

PS. Biggest food challenge ever? A freezer full of leftovers from the party on Saturday: home-made ice-cream and cookies. If I can stay away from them at least Monday to Friday, I will be very proud of myself…


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