Away from home again…

A perfect cushion for my meditation…

One aspect of my life which could mean difficulties for a project like mine is that I’m quite often away from home working in another town for a few days. So, do I manage to keep up with my new routines when I’m not in my regular environment?

So far, it’s going quite well. At the moment I’m off for three days, going to meetings, staying at a nice hotel and I …

(a) … brought my running shoes and took a jog in the lovely crispy autumn air this morning (will take another one tomorrow)

(b) … have taken several walks already – from the train station to the hotel etc.

(c) … haven’t really been able to stick to my diet (since I cannot decide what to eat here – it’s part of the meetings I’m attending), but I have still been thinking about how much I eat, so if I don’t lose any weight these few days, at least I don’t gain any either

(d) … meditated on a cute cushion from the bed last night and will do it again soon (the room I’m staying in actually looks quite similar my meditation room at home)

Tomorrow I’ll take the train back home, and I actually think I’ll treat myself to some of the home-made ice cream left over from my husband’s birthday party. As long as I promise to take a jog on Saturday, that’s OK, isn’t it? 😉


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