A more-than-halfways report


A photo taken at yesterday’s evening walk, BEFORE it grew really dark.

Almost two thirds of my body month have passed. Some things have worked out well, others less well. As for physical exercise I have tried, but not succeeded entirely. First of all, it’s quite difficult to find time in the midst of a heavy workload and a lot of family activities. I know it’s all about priorities, but an extremely strong focus on my latest writing project the last few weeks has – unfortunately – made me sometimes forget about my exercise plans. Furthermore, since we live in the countryside and autumn is coming, taking a walk once all three kids are in bed, is simply not doable – as it was in summertime, when I often took a walk after nine in the evening and it was still not dark outside. Finally, my thigh started protesting last week, so I couldn’t work out in the same way as I usually can in my body combat class on Friday. After some stretching advice from my husband – who has had the same problem before – my body seems to be on my side again, and tomorrow I’ll introduce Miranda to a body combat class. I wonder what she’ll think about it.

Food-wise, things are going quite OK, although I haven’t been as strict to myself as perhaps I should if I want to get into that pair of black jeans before Christmas… I have, however, thought more about my daily intake, eaten less than before and more healthily too – and that’s something I feel happy about. I’m certainly on the right track. Getting into bed is still a problem, however. I simply love my book writing so much that I don’t want to sleep at all. And of course I  feel that I’m very fortunate to have a job that I enjoy so much. So far, staying up late hasn’t been a big problem either; I haven’t been that tired in day-time. And the other day, when I was particularly engulfed in my writing and put out the light FAR too late, I did what I had promised myself to do – I gave myself a reiki session, slept well and woke up without problems in the morning.

Meditation is still a daily routine, which I practice even those days when I get to bed late. Speaking of meditation, last week, Miranda and I had a really nice experience when visiting a local sculptor, whose private garden – which is full of flowers, trees, bushes, birds, butterflies, works of art and places to sit down and rest or meditate – is also open to the public by appointment. There is even a meditation tipi, where you can light a candle and stay for as long as you like. I meditated in the tent, and I also had a very nice moment sitting on an old tree stump watching a beautiful piece of art – a number of small round mirrors flickering in the wind casting glitter all around them when reflecting the sun. I felt very strongly that they symbolized how I feel about my working life right now, after I left the safety of my permanent position for a much less secure but oh so much more enjoyable situation as self-employed: happily dancing, lighthearted, free in spirit. Let it be, let it be…



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