Miranda’s fourth month: Productivity & Order

The last few weeks have been extremely stressful because of my school. I had an exam today and I still have a huge analysis to finish and hand in before Sunday. I might give you an update on my last month’s project next week, but I’ll have to keep this post short.

Next week I start a new course, though, and I really can’t allow myself to keep behaving the way I have up until now. I keep oversleeping, procastrinating important tasks and mess up things because I have a thousand thoughts on my mind at once. So, this month I will focus on Productivity & Order. I will simply try to create a peaceful environment, get things done and pick up some habits that will help me keep things that way. Here are my goals:

 – Stop procastrinating
I think I’ll try to reverse my behaviour by doing the hardest tasks first. Then it will just get easier as I progress through the list of tasks and I won’t have to go through them with the difficult task hanging over me like a dark cloud. This includes tasks such as difficult homework, collecting firewood in the morning (instead of freezing throughout the day because of my laziness, and yes, we heat the whole house with firewood), doing dishes and my back exercises…

 – Find order
I will clean up my home office, go through my computer, my wardrobe, anything where there is disorder that distracts me.

– Sleep and work earlier
I study a full-time course. I technically need to work 8 hours a day but I usually don’t. Mostly because I get started way too late. The earlier I start, the more free time I’ll have in the afternoon to do whatever I want and get school completely off my mind. And of course, rising early means I can’t stay up forever in the evenings.

– Stop multitasking
Writing a few words, writing a text, watching a youtube-clip, reading a blog-post, going back to writing a few more words, making a list, rushing up to do some back exercises while checking instagram… No wonder time rushes and nothing gets done. I really need to make an effort to do one thing at the time, and finish each task before I move on to the next.

Approach new tasks with confidence
I always stress out before dealing with a new school task, and I always work it out in the end, so why not skip the doubting and avoiding and just do it.


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