Titania’s fourth month: Go vegetarian!

My fourth month in the project will be devoted entirely to food. I love food, have always loved food and will probably go on loving food until I draw my last breath. I try to eat fairly healthy food, especially in the weeks – try to avoid sugar and too much fat, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Then I tend to slip into fairly bad eating habits in the weekend…

I have never been a vegetarian, and I doubt that I will ever become one, but in recent years I have eaten less meat than before. Miranda, my daughter, has been a vegetarian for some periods, and (especially when she as still living with us), her food style has influenced me to some extent. I remember when she was around 17 and we experimented with recipes and invented new dishes all by ourselves, having a lot of fun in the process.

I’m not very fond of beans, lenses, soy meet and such things – which many people associate with vegetarianism – but I have realized that there are such a lot of other things you can include in your meals when you’re a vegetarian: all kinds of cheese, mushrooms, vegetables (raw and cooked). And one thing I would like to devote my November project to is to find out new dishes, both by experimenting more myself and by looking for recipes in websites and cooking books.

As I mentioned, I have no intention of becoming a full-time vegetarian, neither this month or later, but I have two goals:

  • Every time I have a choice, I will try to go for the vegetarian alternative, which may mean putting cheese rather than ham on my morning sandwich, eating vegetarian food myself for lunch and dinner when I eat at home (even if my family have something which includes meat), and choosing a vegetarian dish when I go to a restaurant. This means that I will eat meat for instance when I’m invited for dinner with friends.  I will also sometimes eat fish and seafood.
  • I will also try to get my family to eat less meat. I have already started to introduce some new ideas to them, such as haloumi cheese in our pitas rather than chicken (or at least half haloumi, half chicken for them, just haloumi for me), soy ground meat instead of regular minced meat in our lasagna and for our tortillas (or at least half soy, half meat). I hope to be able to convince them at least to try some other new things from this month and onward. This will also be a good way of preparing them for going to India in a few years (more about this in a later project month), where I’m sure we’ll be eating a lot of vegetarian food.

By cutting down on our intake of meat, I hope both to reduce our ecological footprints at least a tiny bit, and also to spare a few more animals every year. Besides, I’m quite convinced that it will be good for our bodies.

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