My almost-completely-vegetarian month

Gosh, how the months pass quickly! Time to summarize again. This month I decided to focus on eating less meat and finding new dishes that both I and my family would appreciate. In retrospect, part one has worked excellently, better than I had expected. I have chosen cheese instead of ham on my sandwiches, chosen vegetarian food (and sometimes fish or seafood) every time I’ve eaten at a restaurant, and also made a vegetarian alternative for myself whenever the rest of the family has had meat. Sometimes I have also had my family members try out my vegetarian food, and especially my eleven-year-old daughter has generally liked it. Another way of having my family eat less meat has been to mix small pieces of chicken with small pieces of qorn or to mix minced meat with soy meat. No protests from the family when this has happened!

The second part of the project goals was about finding and trying out new recipes, for myself and my family alike, and I can honestly say that I’ve been lousy at doing this. Several years ago I stopped saying that “I don’t have the time” to do this or that. Everyone has 24 hours a day, so I decide how I fill my days, and the only thing I can say is that I haven’t prioritized this particular activity. There have simply been other things that have felt more important.

A central of my part of the Memento Vivere project is to set goals that I don’t have to feel guilty about if I don’t reach, and it actually works very well. I don’t feel bad at all about not prioritizing finding a lot of new vegetarian dishes this month. I have discovered one new recipe: beefs made from chickpea and nuts. And I made a lot, so every time I haven’t found the time (oh dear, now I said it anyway!) or energy to come up with some other ideas for my veggie lunch or supper, I have picked out some chickpea beefs from the freezer. I have also made some really nice vegetarian lasagna, cannelloni, enchiladas and pizza. And that’s perfectly fine! I’m really satisfied anyway. Just as I am about my body, although I haven’t done as much physical exercise as I had hoped and definitely not lost the weight I had planned to lose (Month 2). There will be a time for everything, and focusing on new things every month introduces me to new ideas and makes me come at least some way with new and nice habits. 



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