Titania’s ninth month: Just do it!

In spite of the fact that I am a doer – one of those people who actually get quite  a lot of things done – and not just an initiator, I also have a tendency to postpone things that I find boring or scary. This is a type of behaviour I dislike, and this month I’ll try to avoid postponing things that are not at the top of my want-to-do list.

Here are some things that I’ll challenge myself to avoid postponing this month:

  • making unpleasant phone calls (even though I’m 44, have four kids and a PhD, I sometimes still feel quite nervous about phoning people I don’t know very well…)
  • sorting bills, documents from authorities and other paperwork
  • doing my annual accounts (I love my new life as self-employed but I hate the book-keeping part…)
  • making PR for my company (I love my new life as self-employed but I hate selling myself…)
  • putting some hundred or so photos from last year in albums (this is something I actually enjoy, but still postpone getting started with)

I may even stop postponing watching those films I wrote about the other day… 😉


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