My commandments

1. Give love, respect and attention to yourself and people around you.

2. Be a 360-degree person – be true to yourself and dare to show who you really are in all contexts. Be Titania.

3. Enjoy past, present and future pleasures, especially the small ones in life.

4. Prioritize activities that give you more energy than they take.

5. Don’t worry. All you need will come to you in due time.

6. Be good enough.

7. Be grateful for what you are and have, and for what you are not and do not have.

8. Don’t be a victim. You can influence your own reality.

9. Think of the environment. Treat Mother Earth with respect and gratefulness.

10. Accept what you cannot change.

11. Respect your gut feeling.

12. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.