My focus areas

Month 1 (August): Mind and soul (meditation, reiki, yoga, mindfulness)

Month 2 (September): Body (Weightwatchers, regular physical exercise: body combat, running, power walks)

Month 3 (October): Family (pay more attention and listen more, give more appreciation – verbal and physical, be more generous)

Month 4 (November): Go Vegetarian (eat more vegetarian food, find good recipes)

Month 5 (December): Music (listen to new music, listen to old albums, play the guitar and sing, download music to my mobile phone)

Month 6 (January): Body revisited (make a new effort to lead a healthier lifestyle)

Month 7 (February): Culture (read more books, see more films – at least once a week, do at least one out-of-home cultural activity such as going to the movies/theatre/a concert)

Month 8 (March): Culture – here we go again! (make a new effort to include more culture in my life)

Month 9 (April): Just Do It! (stop procrastinating the not-so-pleasant tasks and activities, such as phone calls)

Month 10 (May): A New Morning Ritual (try to get two new morning routines going: meditation and planning my working day in writing)

Month 11 (June): Spirituality  (affirm my interest in what we cannot see by taking two courses in spiritual development)

Month 12 (July): Doing something for the worl(find out facts about how my family and myself will organize going abroad, doing something for the world, in a few years)